_Capo d’Orso, Sardegna, Italy

A military museum is not a war museum. Soldiers do not only fight the enemy. Furthermore, soldiers are individuals with their own stories, needs and thoughts. Being military is about so much more. Fun, home, sport, food, loneliness, faith… Maybe these are the real ammo of war.

The architecture aims for exposing the camouflaged places. Therefore, historic entities will be twined with contrasting toppings. These are characterized by a cork beam frame that breaths local heritage and a full brass roof which forms a natural cover over time.


The idea strives for a more dynamic approach with a vivid focus on tourism and local inhabitants as intended audience. The museum offers the possibility for locals to use the place in terms of livestock and farming. Plants grow and die, animals and people come and go, buildings are open, or not… The place vibrates with the seasons.